Toru Goto

​Dr. Toru Goto graduated from Medical school at Akita University, Japan, in 2011. His strong interest in transplant surgery brought him to Kyoto University Hospital, one of the leading living donor liver transplant centers in Asia, where he completed his initial surgical residency training. For further training in general surgery, he joined Medical Research Institute, Kitano Hospital, Osaka, Japan as a resident and subsequently completed clinical fellowship of HPB. During this period, he obtained board certification in surgery by the Japan Surgical Society in 2016. He won three awards for his outstanding oral presentation and was the First-prize winner in one of highly competitive video contests of liver surgery. He also has five presentations in the field of HPB/transplant surgery in international surgical congresses. He had an opportunity to have an observership in HPB and transplant surgery at Toronto General Hospital that encouraged him to have strong interest in research on ex vivo machine perfusion of the organs.

In order to pursue further academic career, he entered PhD program at the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan in April 2017 and subsequently was accepted as a research fellow in the Toronto Organ Preservation Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Markus Selzner as a collaborator with Kyoto University. His research topic is to establish new assessment and reconditioning methods of Normothermic ex vivo liver perfusion in marginal grafts.  

Toronto Organ Preservation Laboratory